Feedback 15.10.2019

I haven’t a template for doing this. One of my goals is to do the feedback on every day of my life (oh grammarly You are so helpful!)

Let’s look at a today calendar:

Ok, so I started my day for a long, really long sleep = about 9 hours. Firstly it supposed to be a short nap, but I just tap the end of the alarm and go sleep. I waked up close to 7 am, took a fast shower, drank fast coffee and go to the library to do work with an RPG game with friends. Nextly I had a Nicola meal (salomon+potatoes). Then work some hours, have little nap, took shower, drink coffee and reorganized a note for my high school. Planned my next day and now I am writing this feedback post.

  • Founded and were the creative director on the game studio which income 100 000 000 $ by 1 year. – I didn’t do anything about this and it’s really sad!

  • Graduated for Ph.D. (3rd level) in the field of game industry. – the most important thing from today is that I played an RPG game which means I have the other perspectives to game design

  • Sleep by „Uberman” style, which means 6 naps for 20 minutes by 1000 days in total – I tried to take a lot of naps, just only, but it’s really hard BTW I don’t surrounding!

  • Read and worked on with notes with 500 educational books by ENG. – that is really interesting for me because I am thinking about how I can find time to do this?

  • Walked 16 kilometers, did 20 push-ups and stretched by 1000 days in total – for sure I can do 20 pushups when before I am going under the shower, so … maybe tomorrow? The problem is about walking..

  • Take hot as I can shower to take as freeze as I can by 1000 days in total. – it’s really fun, but I do this today, I mean took a really hot shower to nextly douched myself under cold water. 1/1000

  • Only 2 meals=season vegetables/fruits+seafood and drank 1 little glass whiskey by 1000 days in total. – I can say that I ate only 1 Nicolas meal, it’s too small for all day.

  • Everyday planed by tasks and time/calendar + feedback on blog by 1000 days in total. – Nice! I did this as i want, one of eight goals. 1/1000! 🙂

Ok. It’s 11:53 PM, I am going to nap for 3 hours. I know that one of my goals is to sleep like an UberMan but I need to change slow because if I will jump to too deep water I will drown. Little steps #MARATHON!